Taking Control of a Sucky Situation.

Chemo is going to make me bald.

As someone who has always loved and treasured their hair this has taken some getting used to. Lots of tears and lots of pep talks. I know, I know “it’s just hair, Caitlyn”. But it isn’t just hair. It’s part of my identity. It is part of ME. It helps me have the confidence to walk into a restaurant and look the cashier in the eye while I order. It helps me have the confidence to raise my hand in class and ask that question that everyone else is too scared to ask.

A good friend of mine who does hair came to me and offered to cut and color my hair up until it falls out. She said I can go as crazy or tame as I want. Try out mohawks and pink hair dye, try a pixie cut or undercuts. After much self reflection and self assurance ( I talk to my self constantly these days) I agreed. Not to the mohawk but to going blonde. I have never been blonde so I was a little nervous but still excited. The best part: there is very little commitment here. By the end of August I will most likely be bald as a Q-ball.

We decided to make a little party out of it. I rounded up some of my squad, we brought cupcakes and soda(I’m still high on Percocet from surgery [I will talk about that in a different post] so the champagne and wine was off limits) turned on the music and ordered pizza. The day was filled with laughter and so much love. I am beyond blessed to have friends that want to be apart of my life and will sit with me for five hours while I get my hair done. Here are some of the after pictures.


I am still scared about losing my hair but I am also weirdly excited. What other time in my life will I have the opportunity to get to know myself without hair? Without that security blanket. I get to be brand new. Plus, I can be Lord Voldemort for Halloween so…that’s a win in itself right there.



  1. Rhonda Ellis · August 2, 2016

    Hi Caitlyn, a friend of your mother (Marie Funchess) posted your blog and I read every word. What helpful insight to read your thoughts and real feelings. Thank you for sharing. I agree.. cancer sucks. My then-21 year old son, two weeks before college graduation, found out he had Hodgkins Lymphoma. He just finished all treatments. I wrote about his journey from (my) a mother’s perspective at cultivatingahome.com. I hope it will encourage you. I am praying for you. You’re a great writer and I appreciate so very much being given an opportunity to read your perspective.


  2. Dayle Isted · August 2, 2016

    Caitlyn- So sorry this has happened! Mr. Isted and I will definitely be praying for you, your family, the doctors and that you have the assurance that God will be in the middle of every decision you have to make. Mrs. Isted


  3. fsulover4 · August 3, 2016

    Hi Caitlyn! You don’t know me, but a friend of ours posted your blog on Facebook. Your story is so moving and touching and you’ll be in my thoughts. On a side note, my brother is a 9 year cancer survivor and I’ve dedicated my career to the American Cancer Society, so that I can help create a world with more survivors. In terms of losing your hair, the American Cancer Society offers free wigs and you should definitely take advantage of it. Wigs are expensive and ACS has so many – you’ll be able to choose what you need! We also have these wonderful classes we host that helps you learn how to do makeup, make tshirt scarves, etc that is FREE for you to attend. You can live chat with our National Cancer Information Center, located in TX, on cancer.org or you can call our 1-800 number (which is fabulous) and then can help you more than you could ever imagine. It’s 18002272345. I WISH my mother knew about these programs and services when my brother was diagnosed. I hope you can benefit from them, because you deserve it.


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