Neulasta Thoughts

Today is not a good day.

It started last night. A deep, throbbing, shooting pain in my lower back. The Neulasta has finally shown its ugly face. I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t. I laid in my bed and my body shook from the pain. It was unlike anything I have ever felt. The doctor told me that the symptoms I am having and the pain I am feeling are very typical for people who show reactions to the Neulasta (not every one has a reaction. I’m just lucky). I am now on Percocet and ibuprofen and confined to my bed watching Tiny House Hunters while falling in and out of sleep.

Being stuck in bed and feeling like heck, you have plenty of time to think. Here is what I have come up with. Before I got sick I never really took great care of myself. I wasn’t overweight or anything but I ate whatever fried, greasy food I wanted. I stayed out late. I drank semi- regularly. Sometimes I even had a cigarette with my friends *gasp*. I rarely went to the gym or did anything active (I did run three half marathons but that is a different story). WHY? This all goes back to my previous theory of feeling invincible. No one thinks they are going to be the one to have cancer until they actually do have cancer. Myself included. My joints hurt most days, I’m nauseous and my energy is on the ground. I would give anything to feel like going for a run or to be up to having an intense workout at the gym.

Your health is a precious, precious gift. There are no excuses for abusing it. So instead of waiting until some specified time to get yourself in check, do it now. Now is the perfect time to quit smoking and develop better eating habits. Now is the perfect time to train for a princess themed half marathon. I’m not saying that doing these things will keep you from ever getting sick or being diagnosed with cancer. I am saying why not feel the absolute best you can while you can? You never know when your whole life is going to change.

Your body is important. Treat it that way.


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